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Poetic License: Dejection on a Florida Summer Afternoon

July 23, 2012 On this ominous afternoon I’ve had my fill of Florida, My fill of alligator-friendly heat, Of red weather Bursting from the TV screen Into a dark angry clot Over our fail-safe houses And alien lawn... more »»

Shell Shocked: Who Cares about the Tour de France?

July 23, 2012 The following sequence would be hard for me to imagine. more »»

At the Captiva Library: Divitto Kelly

July 13, 2012 This is the week you have been waiting for! Come to the Captiva Memorial Library: Wednesday July 18th at 6:30 PM, Teens will enjoy an Art Studio with Divitto Kelly. more »»

Shell Shocked: Unlocking the Higgs Bosun Phenomenon

July 13, 2012 A major breakthrough has taken place in quantum physics. more »»

Living Sanibel: One of Venice's best-kept secrets

July 13, 2012 Considered one of Venice’s best-kept secrets, the Venice Area Audubon Society’s Rookery, or VAAS Rookery, is a very small island in the middle of an equally small lak. more »»

What's Blooming in Paradise: Reed Orchid

July 13, 2012 Plant Subject: Reed Orchid (Epidendrum ibaguense) First impression: Striking, exotic, five petals with a sixth larger iconic orchid-lobed lip in yellows, oranges and red. more »»

Poetic License: GrandPopper Rap

June 29, 2012 I’m GrandPopper Rap and I’m here to say — Rappin’ like Swing is here to stay! Now the music ain’t much but the rhythm’s divine And the words start to dance as we rhyme every line; Though the languag... more »»

Shell Shocked: Growing up a winner

June 29, 2012 Ladies, this column is for the guys so please do something else unless you’re from the Bronx and were Yankee fans when you were growing u. more »»

Living Sanibel: The Peace River

June 29, 2012 By the time the Peace River finds its way to Charlotte County it has already traveled more than 100 miles from its beginning on the southern end of Lake Hancock in Polk County. more »»

What's Blooming in Paradise: Royal Poinciana Tree

June 29, 2012 Plant Subject: Royal Poinciana Tree (Delonix regia) First impression: Four vibrant, deep orange long frilly petals that remind me of fancy sugar spoons. more »»

At the Captiva library: Sign up for summer reading

June 29, 2012 Kids and teens will want to come in to the Captiva Memorial Library to sign up for summer reading. more »»

Living Sanibel: Water Moccasin

June 15, 2012 The longest known cottonmouth specimen was taken from the Dismal Swamp of Virginia and measured 74 inches. The Florida average is half of that, at approximately 36 inches. more »»

Poetic License: Six Days in the of Wilson One

June 15, 2012 This poem is a continuation from Poetic License in the June 8 edition of the Islander DAY FOUR I’m in one of the Pro’s baskets now with a hundred other balls in various stages of deterioration:... more »»

Shell Shocked: Running Your Home Like a Business

June 15, 2012 It was the first week of the new month which meant it was time to review the monthly time sheets my wife is obligated to provide. more »»

What's Blooming In Paradise: Butterfly Orchid

June 15, 2012 Plant Subject: Butterfly Orchid (Encyclia tampensis) First impression: Petite, exotic, five petals with a sixth larger iconic orchid-lobed lip in yellows, greens and magentas. more »»

At the Captiva Library: 'Loose Caboose Adventures'

June 15, 2012 Kids and families can join the Loose Caboose Adventure aboard the Show Time Express at 3 p.m. June 21 at the Captiva Memorial Library. more »»

Living Sanibel: Kemp's Ridley

June 7, 2012 The Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle may well be one of the rarest animals in the world. The last time one is known to have nested in Southwest Florida (on Sanibel) was in 1996. more »»

Poetic License: Six Days in the of Wilson One

June 7, 2012 DAY ONE Fffffffree at last! For three months I’ve been compacted in this pressure packed womb, one brother pressing down, the other shoving up on m. more »»

Shell Shocked: The Humor Review Board

June 7, 2012 I was summoned last week by the executive editor of this newspaper. My column has been running for more than twenty-five years and I assumed I'd be getting a pat on the back for a job well done. more »»

What's Blooming in Paradise: Joewood

June 7, 2012 Plant Subject: Joewood (Jacquinia keyensis) First impression: Five tiny, ray shaped creamy colored petals, grouped in a circle with 5 even tinier spur shaped petals in-between. more »»



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