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Consider mandating the wearing of masks

June 30, 2020 To the editor: As year-round Sanibel residents and seniors, we have been pleased with the Sanibel City Council's attempts to protect us from the COVID-19 pandemic. more »»

More than surprised by letter printed

June 30, 2020 To the editor: I was more than a little surprised that the Island Reporter chose to print a letter in the June 24, 2020, issue from a writer who stated that “anyone not wearing a mask outside their... more »»

It is time to listen to the scientists

June 30, 2020 To the editor: Gov. Ron DeSantis' failure to “re-open” the state of Florida in a safe manner is taking a severe toll on the health and economic well being of our citizens. more »»

Masks for a different use

June 30, 2020 To the editor: While we wrangle over wearing masks, Chinese citizens have been wearing them for years. Pre-COVID, masks provided protection from poor air quality. more »»

Policy change not only in Florida

June 23, 2020 To the editor: Perhaps the most distressing statement in William Harvey’s letter to the editor published in the June 17 issue of the Island Reporter, which comments on my June 10 guest column (“The... more »»

Unknowing killers?

June 23, 2020 To the editor: Ordinarily, people would never think of hurting, no less potentially killing other people. more »»

COVID-19: Is this a time to reassess?

June 16, 2020 To the editor: COVID-19 has had an extreme negative affect on many aspects of our lives and the economy. Tourist reliant business have virtually shut down. more »»

Simply a matter of good public health

June 16, 2020 To the editor: The decision whether or not to wear a facial mask in public should never have become a political issue, or a symbol of a culture war. more »»

Good in one case, good in another

June 16, 2020 To the editor: I read with interest Howard Simon's guest commentary on “The governor, federal courts and right to vote” in the June 10 issue of the Island Reporter. more »»

Pandemic ponderings

June 9, 2020 To the editor: Like many other Sanibel-ians, I have used the last eleven weeks of social distancing and isolation to get reacquainted with my beautiful island hom. more »»

Setting a healthy example

June 2, 2020 To the editor: Costco has become a guiding light in this world of fake news. You can’t enter its warehouse locations without a face covering. more »»

Freedom must overcome fear

May 26, 2020 To the editor: Freedom is the ability to do things in the present. Fear is the worry that present actions may result in a future bad event. Science is the antidote to fear. Science provides knowledge. more »»

Masks needed at island eateries

May 19, 2020 To the editor: Restaurants on Sanibel and Captiva, please protect your employees and our community … wear masks! I was shocked to see the lack of masks being worn at our restaurants. more »»

Council can still take action

May 19, 2020 To the editor: On May 12, the Sanibel City Council voted to reopen hotels and short-term rentals to visitor. more »»

Some freedoms are not absolute

May 12, 2020 To the editor: As Constitutional conservatives we consider the freedoms in our First, Fourth and Fourteenth amendments as cornerstones of our democracy. more »»

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

May 12, 2020 To the editor: What a difference four months made. A cultural tsunami crashed on everything we believed permanent, The Before Times. more »»

Always great to hear good news

April 21, 2020 To the editor: In response to the article “Local Roots Unveils Online Farming Market as Another Shopping Option” that printed in the April 8, 2020, edition of the Island Reporter. more »»

Plea for better bike path etiquette

April 21, 2020 To the editor: Please warn to pass at least 10-12 feet behind a person going the same direction, not when you are at their rear tire. Use a bell and ring it in addition to a vocal warning. more »»

AmazonSmile benefits island charities

April 21, 2020 To the editor: The coronavirus crisis has led to the cancellation of many fund-raising events of Sanibel-Captiva charities and has reduced the number of people visiting facilities run by those... more »»

Sanibel Smiles can help feed hope

April 14, 2020 To the editor: As visitors to this very special place for about five years, part of the enjoyment is the unmistakable happiness on the faces of adults and kids alike. more »»



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