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Sanibel conflicts with environment

December 14, 2012 Dear Editor, My boyfriend and I came for a vacation to Sanibel Island after hearing of its natural beauty and its reputation for protecting the environment and wildlife. more »»

Shared Use Path has rules

December 7, 2012 To the Editor, Now that season is coming, the multipurpose path is getting more crowded and more dangerous. more »»

Gardner to be missed at CROW

November 30, 2012 To the Editor, On behalf of everyone at CROW, we would like to express our sympathies to Carol and the entire family on the passing of Tim Gardner. more »»

Harrington should resign

November 23, 2012 Dear Editor, An open letter to Sharon Harrington, Lee County Election Supervisor. If you have any self-respect and dignity left after last week’s election you should resign immediatel. more »»

Thank you Ray Judah

November 16, 2012 To the Editor, Over the past 24 years Commissioner Ray Judah has been a powerful force for the environment and our community on the Lee County Commission. more »»

Voters give thanks to church

November 16, 2012 To the Editor: On Election Day, the lines were long and the complaints were plenty. But, my hat's off to all the people at Sanibel Community Church. more »»

Voters in line appreciate donation

November 9, 2012 To the Editor, I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Island Pizza for the donation of pizzas on Election Day to those of us who waited 4 1/2 hours (at times in pouring rain) to vote at a precinct with... more »»

Eye-catching photo

November 2, 2012 To the Editor, I wish to commend the Island Reporter and your photographer Carol Orr Hartman for the refreshing, eye catching and unusual front cover photograph of the 10K race for FISH (published... more »»

Facts, not conjecture

November 2, 2012 To the Editor, Let me open this letter by stating my objectives in the last six years as an elected member of the city council: reduce taxes, reduce overhead expenses and pay down debt as quickly a... more »»

Hospital board endorsement

October 26, 2012 To the Editor,  As a former Lee Memorial Health System board member, the former executive director of Lee Memorial Children's Hospital and a 25-year resident of Pine Island, I pay close attention to... more »»

Reduce nuclear weapons

October 26, 2012 Dear Editor, Fifty years ago this week, the world woke up to a crisis that brought the United States and the Soviet Union to the brink of a cataclysmic nuclear war. Today, the U.S. more »»

Rein in spending

October 26, 2012 To the Editor, Mayor Ruane has written to me and to the Island Reporter criticizing my view that Sanibel should reduce its $38 million budget and its $42 million debt. more »»

Whitehead committed to community

October 19, 2012 To the editor: In our small community we have two local candidates running for Lee County Commission Seat 3. I know them both. I like them both. I’ve worked with them both on different issues. more »»

Setting the record straight

October 12, 2012 To the Editor, I would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight on a recent Letter to the Editor by Mr. Elton Shepherd regarding the City of Sanibel’s budget for 2012/2013. more »»

Money may drive Presidential election

October 12, 2012 To the Editor, I can’t believe that this is another election where the Republican Party couldn’t find a leader that is capable of moving us away from the mess created by eight years of totally inept... more »»

Senior Center is a priority

October 12, 2012 Dear Editor, In regard to Elton Shepherd's letter "Replace Senior Center," I'm not sure I understand why Mr. more »»

City should tighten its belt

September 26, 2012 Dear Editor, Based on input from the Finance Department, Sanibel will spend $38 million in 2013 or about $5,700 per permanent resident. The comparable figure in Fort Myers is $1,330. more »»

To whom do we pledge allegiance?

September 21, 2012 Dear Editor, Consider this: “I pledge allegiance to Grover Norquist, not the United States of America, and to the executives for which he stands, one nation, under him, individual, with liberty and... more »»

A vote for Obama, warts and all

September 21, 2012 Dear Editor, As an island resident listening to the political comments of other island residents, it is clear that most are of the Republican persuasion. more »»

Well-deserved Thank You

September 21, 2012 Dear Editor, We want to thank the people of Captiva who shared their island and their generosity in support of the Galloway Captiva Triathlon and its charity, CCMI, this past weeken. more »»



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