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Traffic kindness

March 31, 2014
Special to the Reporter ( , Island Reporter, Captiva Current, Sanibel-Captiva Islander

To the editor:

Traffic is awful. Tempers flare. Road rage is pending. And just think what it would be like without those marvelous, competent Traffic Police? So yell a thanks as you go by.

But, there's something else each of us could do. We could, yes we could, let someone in. For example when we see a car that has to make a left turn coming down from the library. Or even a right turn coming out of Dixie Beach. Or any turn coming out of one of the shopping centers or the post office.

A little traffic kindness could ease the pain. And, here's a simple plan to encourage that.

If you drive an SUV and you see an SUV trying to get on to Periwinkle, you stop traffic and let it in, and include one other car behind it, no matter what it is. It's amazing what one SUV can do to help.

Now, take it further. Every pick-up truck lets in a pick-up truck. Every convertible could make it a habit to let any other convertible in. Every German car lets a German car onto Periwinkle. You know you German cars can recognize a Mercedes, a BMW or a VW. Let one in. Then every Japanese or Korean car owner, stops and welcomes in one of their breed. Hummers and Yugos may have some problems. If you drive anything else, I leave it to you to figure out what kindness you want to perform.

One of the nice things about being stuck in traffic, you and your passengers can start a conversation about kindness, how it needs to be encouraged, and what we can teach our grand kids about some of the kindnesses we have done during our long life. Kindness is one of the legacies we leave behind. I welcome your comments.

-Sidney B. Simon

Sanibel Island



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