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Sanibel Q & A

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3384 days ago.
by oilcandude
Welcome to 2010

Posts: 0 - Welcome to 2010. What do you think are the biggest issues facing Sanibel and Captiva in the new year?

3422 days ago.
by captiva-current
cell phone service

Posts: 0 - Does anyone know how to get Sprint service on this Island? Is there a possibility of any more or better cell phone towers?

3737 days ago.
by captiva-current
Biggest story of 2009

Posts: 0 - What do you think was the biggest local story in 2009?

Did you weather Hurricane Charley?

Posts: 0 - Share your Friday the 13th, 2004 story here.

3976 days ago.
by vharring
The Pride of Sanibel found

Posts: 0 - My daughter recently found the Pride of Sanibel on spring break which caused quite a stir on the beach.....